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Targin Steelaxe (ca. 330 AC - ? AC) was a Dwarf who hailed from the Daewar clan in Thorbardin, and had light brown skin, and straight black hair. He sported a black beard and often gave the impression of being grumpy and serious. Targin had a deep-seated hatred of Draconians and was an accomplished fighter.

Early Life[]

The dwarf known as Targin Steelaxe was born in the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin, and spent his first fifty years of his life there. However he somehow developed the condition of claustrophobia, which forced him to leave the mountain kingdom and move towards the surface. On migrating out of Thorbardin, he spent some time with the Neidar Dwarves in the Kharolis Mountains, and learnt how to wield different weapons from them. Targin most often spent time around the Neidar village of Hillhome, where he met and fell in love with the dwarf Obsidian Fireforge. However as she never seemed to return his affections, he left Hillhome and went traveling.

Later Life[]

Targin's travels brought him to Garnet and directly into the path of the Solamnic Knight, Grendelor. The knight befriended Targin and taught the dwarf about the Solamnic ideal of honor. Grendelor then assisted Targin in getting a job in which he was mentoring a young would-be knight called Erastin Rivenguard. Targin moved to the village of Witdel and soon found himself not only a mentor, but also a close friend of the young Erastin, as well as his neighbor, the girl Jilani. Targin and his new friends escorted Erastin to the High Clerist's Tower, in which the proud dwarf saw his student accepted as a full Knight of Solamnia. During the trip, Jilani's Minotaur companion Karathos came along, and Targin and Karathos found much in common, as they discussed the notions and tenets of honor, also becoming good friends.

On his return from the High Clerist's Tower, Targin received two missives for aid. One was from Obsidian Fireforge, and the other was from his old comrade Grendelor. Even though he yearned to see his love, Targin realized he owed Grendelor a great deal, and responded to the knight's instead. Targin assisted Grendelor in clearing a nest of Draconians, and removing more evil from the land. He then planned to return to Hillhome, to see his friends and Obsidian once more.