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Tarr Ravenseye (? - ? AC) was a male Human Fighter. He was a master bowman and a gambler. Tarr loved being an adventurer, even mocking those that had more mundane occupations.

Post War of the Lance[]

Tarr made friends and went on adventures across Ansalon. His friends included: Bennybeck Cloudberry, Blackstar, Grenden, Iryl Songbrook, Pike Oakbone, Trapian, and Shalindra. Tarr would continuously flirt with Grenden, which would infuriate her.

In the summer of 354 AC, one of their adventures took them to Schallsea. The group battled a Green Dragon and Iryl was severely injured. While Iryl spent time recovering in the Wemitowuk village of Angat, the group continued on their quest to the underground Garden of the Dead.


Tarr eventually married her friend and companion Grenden. The two were killed on their wedding day by Clerics of Takhisis. The clerics did this out of revenge for the exploits the adventurer group did.


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