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Tatanya Elnohar ( 322 AC - ?) had long brown hair and violet eyes and she was an incredibly beautiful and charming woman. She was tall for a human woman, standing at 6' and weighing 129 pounds. Tatanya was very nimble and moved gracefully despite her height. Her captivating looks and demeanor gave her an advantage when manipulating members of the opposite sex.

On the outside Tatanya appeared to be very friendly and outgoing and she could be rather flirtatious. In reality however, Tatanya was cold and calculating. She used her captivating looks to her advantage and manipulated anyone to further her own ends. This ability to manipulate others came in handy in her trade as a bounty hunter and it had proven very successful. Selfish and greedy, Tatanya cared only for herself and her lost brother.

Pre-War of the Lance[]

Tatanya hails from Sanction where she was born in 322 AC. Her mother, Shandrah Elnohar, died in childbirth and her father, Ivor Elnohar blamed her for it. His drunken behavior left Tatanya and her older brother, Stephen Elnohar, to fend for themselves.

In 337 AC Tatanya and her brother tried to escape the city after the Dragonarmies had made Sanction theirs. The two were captured but Tatanya managed to escape when their draconian captors ran into a group of ogres, resulting in a fight between the two groups. Her brother was not so lucky.

Tatanya spent a year trying to find her brother. She infiltrated the Dragonarmies by offering her services as a scout and bounty hunter. The efforts were fruitless however. Her brother was nowhere to be found.


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