The EW template creates an external link to the Eberron Wiki, to link to an article on the same or similar topic there.

To use the template, simply type:

* {{EW}}

This will show:

  • EW article at the Eberron Wiki, a wiki for the Eberron campaign setting.

The created link will go to an article of the same name on the Eberron Wiki.

If you wish to link to an article of a different name on the Eberron Wiki (such as if the topic is under a different name), then type:

* {{EW|alternate page title}}

This will show:

The destination article does not have to currently exist for this template to work. This is okay, as an article can be expected to be created on the Eberron Wiki later. However, please search the Eberron Wiki for an article with a different name and ensure that this alternate name is used in the template. Please also ensure a similar link on that page links back to the Forgotten Realms Wiki.

These links should be used in an External Links subsection in the appendices of a page. That is, under the ===External links=== heading. To use one of these links for a special purpose, such as an inter-wiki link in a Note, then type:

[[w:c:eberron:Destination article|Destination article]]
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