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The Temple of Neraka is the former home of the goddess Takhisis in The Abyss of the Outer Planes. The realm is a tainted version of the Temple of Istar, where followers of the goddess once massed, to receive the gift of eternal life for their faith. Takhisis never grants such wishes to her followers; however they all blindly follow her alongside the devils and demons that serve her. The temple is filled with an infinite number of winding halls, and is decorated with engravings and dark symbols.

During the War of the Lance the temple manifested itself in the valley of Neraka. And even though the temple was destroyed in the Material Plane, Takhisis merely reshaped it back to its original form in the Abyss once more. Any visitors to the temple are brought before an aspect of the goddess, where she delights in intimidating them. No-one is able to physically leave the temple, or ever find an exit, without Takhisis allowing them to do so.

The Temple of Neraka usually appears where visitors would expect the centre of the Blood Sea of Istar to be on the Material Plane, or in the valley of Neraka.


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