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The Temple of the Stars was located in the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin and was built inside the South Hall of Justice. The temple was a large square building that contained four entrances that symbolized the four compass points. The entrances led into wide hallways that ran straight to the inner chamber.

The inner chamber was circular in shape, had a domed roof and was the alter room. The altar in the room was carved in the shape of anvil out of red granite, and was on a platform. On the domed roof were large diamonds that duplicated the patterns of Krynn's constellations and glowed at night, creating the illusion that the temple was open to the sky.

This temple was the most holy site in all of Thorbardin because it contained a bottomless shaft that dwarves believed led to a city that Reorx lived in. The shaft was discovered during the construction of Thorbardin and was a natural phenomenon. Several attempts were made to determine how far the shaft went but none of the attempts ever produced any answers.

The Temple of the Stars would be built around the shaft and a platform was built over it that contained the altar. Around the outside of the shaft a waist-high wall was built to prevent people from accidentally falling in. This building would be used for only the most sacred of ceremonies and rituals, including important marriages and naming ceremonies.

During the Cataclysm the ceiling of the temple caved in blocking all the entrances and all attempts to unblock it caused only more rocks to fall. Hylar Thane Duncan Hornfel decided to use an Urkhan Worm to chew through the rubble and cleaned out the temple. The dwarves then repaired and restored the temple.


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