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Teranyex (? - ?) is a male bronze dragon and currently rules over Sanction in the guise of Lord-Governor Hogan Bight. Teranyex, also known as Crucible, is considered to be the foremost of all of Ansalon's bronze dragons. In his human guise of Hogan Bight, he fought in the War of Souls, alongside Linsha Majere, against the Tarmak.

Ultimately victorious, Crucible and Linsha married and adopted the eight brass wyrmlings that they had looked out for after their mother, Purestian, was killed. The eight brass wyrmlings are Ashfall, Caldera, Eight, Firestream, Fumarole, Smoke, Sulfur, Windstone.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, Crucible was captured by the Red Dragonarmy while in human disguise searching for his friend Clarion east of Sanction, and beaten to within an inch of his life. Eventually he was thrown into prison in Sanction, where Kammerin Half-Elven was the only person to offer some of his water to him. Crucible would forever remember this act of kindness, and this is where he introduced himself as Hogan Bight. As prisoners, the two would fast become friends, and when Crucible saw Firestorm in human form, he knew it was time to leave. Together, Kam and Crucible ran into the bowls of Sanction, eventually ending up in one of the Shadowpeople caverns. Thinking they had escaped, Firestorm caught up with them. Kam was taken away by Shadowpeople that had been watching, while the two dragons fought. Crucible brought down the cavern on Firestorm, trapping her, and he was able to meet back up with Kam and the Shadowpeople.

The Shadowpeople asked for Crucible's help to calm the volcanoes around the city so their last clanhome could be saved from destruction. He agreed, and used his powers of the earth to divert the magma flow around. The Shadowpeople thanked him and left, but not before they told him how to get into Firestorm's cave with all her treasure that is now blocked by a huge cave-in.

Crucible determined that he would return to claim that cave, but first he had to find Clarion, a friend and mentor, and the Dragonarmies needed to be defeated. Kam and Crucible parted ways once they had escaped from under the mountains, Crucible eventually met up with Clarion and they waged a clandestine war against the forces of the Dark Queen, since neither of them had taken the oath to stay out of the war. His battles took him from Nordmaar to Kern, and his efforts continued even after the end of the War of the Lance.

Chaos War[]

Crucible took a rider during the Chaos War, and fought against both the forces of the Dark Queen and Chaos. During one such battle he was injured badly, so was not able to join in the Battle of the Abyss. Not only was he injured but his rider was killed in this same incident, an event that saved his life.

Age of Mortals[]

After the destruction of the Chaos War, Crucible returned to Sanction to claim Firestorm's treasure she left. He took the name of Hogan Bight once more and assumed the leadership role of the city. He turned this once haven of evil into a very prosperous city. Kam returned to the city, approached Crucible and told him the "docks are a disaster, what are you going to do about them?". Crucible made him Sanction Harbor Master that day.

Nicknames & Aliases[]

Teranyex has several aliases, such as Crucible and Lord-Governor Hogan Bight.


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