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The Test of High Sorcery was created by the first Three mages, Corenthas, Eriane, and Shaud, in order to make sure that those who did not have self-control did not have access to High Sorcery. Those who wish to take the Test, must first be apprenticed to one who is a master in magic. Once the apprentice has gained enough knowledge, and usually about 25 years of age, they are invited by the Conclave to take the Test.

The Test will weed out those who are not serious about the Art. Those who fail may die, but the moons decreed that the mage to be must be willing to sacrifice his life in the defense of magic. Not only is the Test given to weed out those who could misuse that power, but to teach the aspiring mage something about her/himself. If the apprentice chooses not to take the Test, they are never allowed to learn anything more than beginner's spells.

The only place that an aspiring apprentice may take the Test is at the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth. The apprentice used to be able to take it at all the Towers of High Sorcery, but now only Wayreth remains for them to take the Test at.

After the apprentice has been invited, they will travel with one companion to the Tower of Wayreth. The Wayreth Forest will find them, and allow them to continue on to the Tower. Once there, they are given one day to prepare, and the Highmage will erase all the memories of magical training. They will ascend to the Testing Levels, and there the Test will begin. No two Tests are ever alike, and most mages will not talk about what transpires in their Test.

There are three tests to test a prospective mage's knowledge of magic, and using all their spells. Three tests are for the mage to use their wits, without using magic alone. One test involves someone they love, and one more test against a greater adversary, someone from the apprentice's fears. All tests must be passed, the more risk, the better the reward. Failure brings death.

Most apprentices that take the Test, and pass, are left with burning images in their minds, or a bodily injury of some sort. None leave the test unscathed in some way, and the Conclave hopes the wizard has learned from their Test. At the end of the Test, they are offered to join each of the three Orders. Whichever god they embrace, is the color of their robe.


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