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Teyr is a draconian nation located south of Nordmaar, north of Busuk Taman, and east of Estwilde. It is a mountainous region that has heavy forested lands, and some northern grasslands. The Astivar Mountains are in Teyr, while the Woods of Lahue are west of it. The Great Moors are to the east of it. Mount Brego is located west of the city of Teyr, in the Astivar Mountains, with the Peak of Destiny as the southernmost peak.

Age of Might

A colony that was originally founded by the dwarves of Thorbardin, as a satellite community for Thoradin. Located to the west of Thoradin, it was named Thoral Des. Originally founded to battle the ogres of Blöde, not too longer after its completion did the dwarves find hostilities from Istar. The city of Thoral Des was destroyed in 10 PC when a massive attack by Istarian forces killed the defenders, and left the city in ruins.

Age of Mortals

It wasn't until 385 AC (2 SC), that again the city began to find life again. Draconians, led by Governor Kang came north and found the city ruins. Most of the city of Teyr had to be rebuilt again since no one had been living there in almost 400 years. The city is made completely of stone, with a large wall all the way around it. A civilian government, led by Governor Kang, runs it. Commander Slith is in charge of the military of Teyr. Governor Kang promoted him shortly after Kang became Governor.

There is a bastion in the center of the city of Teyr where the local government works out of during the day. It was decreed by Governor Kang that no one will live inside of it, and it will only be used as a place of defense should the outer walls fall. The old Hall of the Thane is located directly below it and would be a place where large meetings would take place or hold the entire city's population, in case of emergencies. The city barracks are located inside the city walls, with the civilian's homes and businesses outside the city walls.


  • Teyr (City) - Capital
  • Noresh
  • Robann