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The Great Worm came from deep beneath Krynn's surface, where the extreme pressure and heat was a constant. As a result, this creature's skin was immune to extreme heat and resistant to most physical damage. It was around 200ft long, 5ft wide and covered in a thick gooey ooze. The worm was immune to spells and also was surrounded by a non-penetrable darkness that not even magic could lift.

Post Cataclysm

This creature was able to dig through the ground but not the Khalkist Mountains hard rock. After the cataclysm opened a huge shaft, it ventured to the surface. The worm ended up in the Great Hall of Zhakar where it was found by a young dwarf. This dwarf believed that the worm was a god and started the Cult of the Worm. The Priests of the Worm would sacrifice humanoids to feed it.

It is unclear what happened to this creature and its followers after the true gods returned at the end of the War of the Lance.


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