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The Red Minotaur (? AC - ? AC) was a powerfully built Minotaur that stood over seven feet and six inches tall, and was covered in red fur. The Red Minotaur who served during the War of the Lance period, considered himself something of a historian, and decided that he would do anything possible to survive so that he could continue to spread his knowledge, even resorting to poisoning his weapons and other tricks.

History of the Red Minotaur[]

The position of the Red Minotaur dates back to the days of Istar, before the Cataclysm. In the ancient days, the Red Minotaur was the fiercest warrior amongst all of the minotaurs. Following the original Red Minotaur, the other warriors would compete with one another, and the mightiest of the competitors who receive the honor of being able to duel the existing Red Minotaur.

When a warrior defeated the old champion, the new Red Minotaur would lose their name, any clan or family ties and simply become the new champion. Since red fur was rather rare amongst minotaurs, a special red dye would be applied to the coat of the new champion, which would turn the minotaur's fur into a deep reddish color.

Life of a Red Minotaur[]

The Red Minotaur of the War of the Lance period, served in his position for over twenty years. He made friendships with folk of many different races, on and off the mainland of Ansalon, and was keen to spread the message to his fellow minotaurs that developing friendships with other races was a sign of strength, not of weakness. This particular Red Minotaur was able to keep many minotaurs back from participating during the War of the Lance, advising that the evil Dragonarmies would ultimately fall in upon themselves, as evil always does. He commanded respect and power almost equivalent to the emperor, and chiefly looked out for the good of his people.


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