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In 348 AC, the ruler of Silvanesti, Lorac Caladon, welcomed emissaries from Ariakas, the leader of the fearsome Dragonarmies. At this time, Lorac agreed to not become involved in the War of the Lance, and in return Ariakas promised that his troops would not invade Silvanesti. However Ariakas had not intention of honoring this agreement, and only did this so that his armies could proceed with their invasion without being attacked by the elves. Once the timing was right, Ariakas had every intention of unleashing his forces into Silvanesti, to claim the elven lands in the name of Takhisis.

By the summer of 349 AC, Ariakas believed his forces were in a position to now conquer Silvanesti, and he sent the Red Wing under the command of Highlord Phair Caron into northern Silvanesti. Aided by the Blue Wing under Highmaster Topus and Salah-Khan's Green Wing, the combined forces launched their opening attacks on the elves. In the opening assault, the Red Wing burnt down the northern forests in a bid to drive the elves back to their capital of Silvanost, as the Green Wing moved amongst the defenders efficiently cutting them down. The Blue Wing joined in the western assault but Highmaster Topus was soon forced to serve under the Green Wing's orders and Highlord Phair Caron of the Red Wing ordered him to keep his troops at bay so she could claim most of the glory. The Blue Wing instead moved further westward and claimed Sithelnost, before retreating altogether into the Khalkist Mountains and out of the fight.

The elven forces struck back at the Red and Green Wings along the Thon-Thalas River, specifically at the towns of Larune and Alinesti. The defenders took heavy casualties as they attempted a series of feints and retreats to lure the enemy into traps, and eventually the elven supply lines were broken altogether. Highlord Feal-Thas offered key information about the Silvanesti defenses to Ariakas, which he passed onto Highlord Phair Caron and resulted in the series of victories for the Dragonarmies and a full retreat for the elves back towards Silvanost.

The elven Wildrunners continued minor raids against the Red and Green Wings, but even their dogged persistence could not sway the dark armies from marching on the elven capital. Speaker Lorac, realizing that the elves were about to be defeated completely, ordered the full evacuation of Silvanesti. As his people fled, the Speaker called upon the power of a Dragon Orb to destroy the Chromatic Dragons that invaded his lands. However instead the Dragon Orb took control of Lorac's mind and unleashed his nightmares onto the land.

Highlord Phair Caron was driven mad by Lorac's Nightmare and was cut down by her own personal guard. The survivors of the Red and Green Wings left Silvanesti, with a few Green Wing regiments left behind to occupy the border forests of the elven kingdom. The elves themselves managed to flee on ships to Southern Ergoth, and Silvanesti was reduced to forest plagued by the nightmares of Lorac.

The Silvanesti Campaign or Silvanesti Conflict lasted for all of 349 AC, and ended in a bittersweet victory for the Dragonarmies. The elven lands were devastated and the elves had already fled, however the Dragonarmies were decimated and were unable to occupy anything other than the distant borders of Silvanesti.


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