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The Walk is a broad cobblestone path that leads from the Docks to the stairs that lead to the entrance of the Grand Lyceum of the Citadel of Light. It is about a mile and a half long. The Silver Way junctures with The Walk and about a mile from this juncture along The Walk are the docks. There are typically Citadel Guardians stationed along The Walk.

Early Age of Mortals[]

After the Citadel’s construction, a heart shaped archway monument was constructed. It appears to be two giant Gold Dragons whose heads form the top of the arch. It took five dwarven artists more than two years to construct it.

Beryllinthranox's Attack[]

In 421 AC, the Green Dragon Beryllinthranox and her forces attacked the Citadel of Light. During this attack, the dragon monument was destroyed.

Post War of Souls[]

A new monument was erected along The Walk to honor metallic dragons particularly Mirror. The new monument is almost a hundred feet tall and is in the same shape as the old one with two dragons facing one another forming a heart archway. When the sun hits the statues they gleam gold, but when the moons of Solinari and Lunitari shine on the statues they appear to be pure silver with a mirror shine.


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