Theiwarin was the second city of the Theiwar located east of the Theibardin. The losers of a revolt founded the city. The thane of the Theiwar then banished the losing clans to exile outside of the city. Those clans then moved to an older mined out area of Thorbardin close to Theibardin.

The city was built within a system of narrow tunnels and had little resemblance of order that many of the other dwarven cities used. Much of the city was dark and houses appeared empty.

Even though it had grown since its initial founding; the city was still slum-like and much of it rundown. The only exception was the palace of the High Prelate in the city. The palace was built to rival Theibardin's palace.

The city has only one road that runs through it. The Second Road connected the city to Theibardin to the west and with Klarbardin to the east. A great chain ferry connected the city with Hybardin.

The city was abandoned after the building of Norbardin.


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