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Theros Ironfeld (316 AC - ?), also known as Theros of the Silver Arm, was born the son of a fisherman in Nordmaar. Some time before his tenth birthday, Theros's mother died and his father blamed Theros for her death. Theros had the habit of disobeying his father because of this. So when Minotaurs came to his fishing village, he jumped at the opportunity to leave.

In his teenage years, Theros had curly hair and was clean-shaven, with large hands and big arms. When Theros is in his late twenties, he stands taller than most men with massive arms, muscles that ripple, and a chest as big around as an enormous water barrel. He received a bad scar on his leg from his forge burning down in Sanction.

Early Life[]

In the year 326 AC, minotaurs raided Theros's small fishing village when the men were all out fishing. Theros had decided that life in the village wasn't for him, and when the minotaurs took slaves, he voluntarily enslaved himself with the minotaurs.

The minotaurs took him on board their ship the Blatvos Kemas, which was captained by Captain Kavas, to work as a slave in the kitchen as a cook's assistant and to take care of the other minotaur warriors. Theros showed his loyalty to the minotaurs when a Human guard from his village tried to assassinate Kavas. Theros alerted him to the danger and saved his life. The minotaur god Sargas comes to Theros after his display of honor. Theros takes up the worship of Sargas, and his new god tells him that he will come to Theros three times.

Theros puts effort into being a slave, and at one point, he assists a minotaur in sharpening blades when he ran out of work. The minotaurs give him increasing responsibility with weapons.

Third Minotaur Army[]

A member of the Supreme Circle won Theros in 334 AC, in Theros's 18th year. He was put into service with the Third Minotaur Army working for PerjafHran found Theros working for Perjaf, and traded for ownership of Theros to assist him in his smithy. Theros learned quickly during his time with Hran, doing leatherwork and the creation of minor steel items such as arrowheads.

During a failed attack on Silvanesti, elven cavalry attacked the rear of the army. Hran was killed by elves and Theros was alone. Theros saved a minotaur officer named Huluk Hrolk from the elves. For this, Huluk frees Theros from slavery and gives him a coin that adds him to Huluk's clan. Theros returned with Huluk to the minotaur capital of Lacynos, and he goes to find Hran's brother Hrall to inform him of his demise.


Theros found Hrall working on steel items. When Theros saw that Hrall hadn't seen him, Theros started working on things in Hrall's shop. After Hrall was completed with what he was working on, they both agreed to an apprenticeship so Theros could learn more of weapon-craft.

For two years, Theros stayed with Hrall, learning the trade of making superior swords and other weapons. He attained the rank of Master Smith, and then decided to go out into the world on his own, starting in the city of Sanction in 336 AC.

Master Smith[]

For the next seven years, Theros gains a thriving business in Sanction. He acquires a reputation for creating strong, dependable weapons for the people of the city. During this time, Theros takes the last name of Ironfeld to better promote his business. He also takes a lover who was a barmaid by the name of Marissa.

In 342 AC, Dargon Moorgoth wanted Theros to join up with his army and would pay him well for doing so. Dargon was angered when Theros rejected the offer, so he had a Black Robed Wizard enchant a sword such that when Theros thrust it into his fire, little dragons came out and burned down his forge, leaving Theros with nothing.

Theros then agrees to join Moorgoth's Raiders in exchange for 1000 steel, two percent of the take, and one gem worth one hundred gold a month. Theros had to leave his girl Marissa behind in Sanction and would be back for her. Eventually, Theros got sick of the slaughter done by Moorgoth's men. He allowed his apprentice Yuri to get away with a girl named Telera, the daughter of a Knight of Solamnia that Moorgoth killed. Theros then runs out on the Raiders, and they put a death warrant out on him.

Theros returns to Sanction for Marissa, but finds out that since she slighted Moorgoth, he had her killed. Theros was captured by another raider named Yagath, who threatened to turn him into Moorgoth unless he worked for him. For the next five years, Theros works on making weapons for Yagath before Yagath is killed by an elven sharpshooter. Then Clan Brekthrek threatens to turn in Theros, so for another two years Theros has to work for these hobgoblins making them superior weapons. He gets to leave and moves to Solace.

War of the Lance[]

In 350 AC, a Qualinesti Elf by the name of Gilthanas Kanan comes to Theros in Solace to ask for assistance. The elves of Qualinesti are leaving their lands and need ships built. Theros agrees to go with him to assist the elves in leaving, and gains a friend in Koromer Vlusaj, who was a shipwright from Northern Ergoth. While in the nation, Theros gets his own personal bodyguard named Hirinthas, who was there for his 'protection'.

After a year of assisting the elves, Theros ends back in Solace, only to see things going horribly wrong there. Theros was hired by Toede to create weapons for his troops, and Theros created flaws in the blades. Theros also assists in helping elves escape from the city, so that Toede's people wouldn't take them to be killed.

Eventually, the Red Dragonarmy attacks the city, and Theros sees Uwel Lors, who Theros had a personal grudge against for Uwel being so evil. Theros punched him in the face, killing him in one hit, then threw the body into a fire. Shortly after that, Theros runs afoul of Toede's troops, who end up being Draconians, and tried to fight them without any weapons. His right arm was severed just below the right shoulder, and he is thrown into a slave wagon with the Companions. Goldmoon healed Theros, and he was again visited by Sargas in a dream. Sargas released Theros to choose a new god, and Theros chose Mishakal. Theros also found out that his mother was a follower of Mishakal, and that her spirit resides in the goddess' hall.

Theros then searches out a destroyed temple near Qualinost, and there defeated the Gray Wraith somehow and gained the Silver Arm of Ergoth. After he gained this, he made his way to Southern Ergoth, and lived in the Qualinesti city of Qualin-Mori. While there, Theros travels with the Kagonesti Elves gaining the name Kargai Sargaron, and learns elvish. Eventually, Theros meets up with the Companions again when they come to Southern Ergoth, and assists them in escaping by traveling with them to the Silver Dragon Mountain. Theros learns the secret of creating Dragonlances so the forces of good can use them against the Dragonarmies.

During the end of the War of the Lance, Theros travels to the Isle of Sancrist, uses a dragonlance to sunder the Whitestone, and introduces the power of the lance to the Knights of Solamnia and the rest of the Council of Whitestone.

Following the War of the Lance, it is unknown what became of Theros. It is known that Theros moved back to Southern Ergoth to live among the Kagonesti again, and to stay away from war.


Some people think that Theros also needed the Hammer of Kharas in order to forge the dragonlances. There is an exception, a person with only one of the two recommended artifacts can still forge a dragonlance, but these are referred to as lesser dragonlances compared to lances made with both artifacts (referred to as greater dragonlances).


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