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The Thirteen Loyal Knights of Loren Soth were originally either his own men-at arms, or Knights of Solamnia. They were known to be loud and boastful when drunk. They travelled with Loren Soth mostly in his later years after he was married, and were with him when he saved the elf maidens from the Ogres, and his search for the Rod of Omniscient Wisdom.

They rescued Soth after his trial and returned to his keep. After the subsequent destruction of Dargaard Keep during the Cataclysm, they became Skeletal Warriors. They still patrol the battlements of the keep, and fought alongside Soth during the Blue Lady’s War.

Thirteen Skeletal Warriors[]

After Dragaard Keep was burned during the cataclysm, the thirteen knight devoted to Lord Soth became skeletal warriors. They ceaselessly patrol the battlements of the keep where they had died. They also can leave the keep on short missions for Soth. Of note are some battles with Lord Soth, like the attack on the Tower of Wayreth during the War of the Lance and during the Blue Lady’s War.

Those unfortunate enough to find themselves in the domain of Sithicus may also meet versions of Soth’s minions. Because they are only reflections of Soth’s memories taken by the Dark Powers, they are flawed and will not follow most Soth’s commands completely.

Names of Soth’s Skeletal Warriors[]


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