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The Thon-Sorpon River is a river on the western side of Ansalon. Where the river meets the Thon-Tsalarian River there is the island called Dir-Plaanar. When Solinari is full and shines on the river it looks like it's made of silver. Thon-Sorpon even means "Silver Road" in the Elvish Language. Legend says that the river formed from the tears of El'liolle when Huma Dragonbane left to find the Dragonlances.

Pre Cataclysm[]

The Thon-Sorpon started in the foothills where the Last Gaard Mountains and the Aegis Mountains meet. The river flowed roughly south until it meets the Thon-Tsalarian River and they later joined the Greenthorn River that then flowed into the Gulf of Ergoth.

Post Cataclysm[]

During the Cataclysm the world changed greatly including the forming of Southern Ergoth. The Thon-Sorpon still flowed south but now when it met the Thon-Tsalarian it flowed into the new Harkun Bay.

Kender Tales[]

It was said that the Silvanesti Elves named the Thon-Tsalarian river Thon-Sargon due to the fact that the water shines silver when Solinari rises, but that was the Thon-Sorpon River.