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Thorbardin is a dwarven nation located in southwestern Ansalon and is bordered by the nations of Qualinesti to the north, Plains of Dust to the east, and Kharolis to the south. The major geographical features of Thorbardin is the Kharolis Mountains which is most of the nation, the Plains of Dergoth which is a barren wasteland, the Urkhan Sea which is located inside of Thorbardin, and the Valley of Thanes.

The Dwarven realm of Thorbardin not only refers to the kingdom under Cloudseeker Mountain, but also much of the land surrounding the Kharolis Mountains.

The Kingdom of Thorbardin[]

The dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin encompasses three hundred square miles beneath Cloudseeker Mountain. There are six distinct clans, and cities, of dwarves who live here. Although each city seems distinct from one another, all were laid out in an orderly fashion. A traveler could go into any city in any part and know where to find homes, shops and businesses on any level.

In the more populated areas, wagons that ride on rails permit quick transport of goods and people between the cities. Large vertical holes, also called transport shafts, have been carved through each level. These allow goods and people to travel up and down many levels via buckets attached to huge chains.

Time within this underground world is kept by water-clocks that are set to the sun of the outside world. During the night, lights sparkle throughout the realm, these are usually from the Lanterns of Thorbardin.

Earthquakes are common around underground kingdom. Small ones are called “Rattlers” because all they do is rattle the dishes.

Age of Dreams[]

In the year 2150 PCColin Stonetooth and his Hylar Dwarf followers left Thoradin and migrate to what they believe was Kal-Thax. Stonetooth united the warring tribes of the DaewarTheiwarDaergarKlarAghar, and Einar to begin the building of the mountain stronghold of Thorbardin on the mountain Cloudseeker in 2148 PC. Colin named it Thorbardin in 'honor of the past, and the future'.

Shortly after the building of Thorbardin, wizards of the newly formed Wizards of High Sorcery tried build the Tower of High Sorcery at Kal-Thax. The dwarf Damon Omenborn led a small group against the wizards and captured the Stone of Threes that was needed to build the tower. So began the Wizard's War, in which the wizards tried to attack Thorbardin and the dwarves were able to repel the invaders.

After the completion of Thorbardin, the dwarves began to get bored with their lives, since jobs were now scarce. So began the Dark Ages of Thorbardin. While this was going on, the Empire of Ergoth invaded and took control of most of Thorbardin's territory outside the main fortress, using many of Thorbardin's citizens as slave labor. Luckily, a slave by the name of Derkin Winterseed broke free from slavery and then proceeded to free the many thousands of dwarves in slavery. He then led them on a series of battles to free Thorbardin's lands from the humans. In the winter of 2073 PC, Derkin finally defeats the Empire of Ergoth's forces at Klanath with the help of their elven allies led by Kith-Kanan. Thorbardin joins with Qualinesti and the Empire of Ergoth in the signing of the Swordsheath Scroll.

During the Third Dragon War, the dwarves from Thorbardin assisted in building the High Clerist's Tower. The dwarves created a death trap for dragons that attacked the tower. For this, the Knights of Solamnia grant mining rights to the dwarves in the Garnet Mountains in 980 PC. The dwarves then built the city of Garnet and the kingdom of Kayolin. 32 years later, Thorbardin also founds the a hill dwarf kingdom named Hillow.

Age of Might[]

In 39 AC, due to starvation and strife, humans and hill dwarves unite under the feared evil wizard Fistandantilus and demand entry into Thorbardin to have access to their food. The mountain dwarves of Thorbardin refuse and war erupts between the two factions. Hill dwarves and humans capture the fortress of Pax Tharkas, but when they meet the mountain dwarves on the field of battle at the fortress of Zhaman, a spell casted by Fistandantilus destroys both armies killing thousands.

Age of Despair[]

During the War of the Lance in 351 AC, Thorbardin is besieged by Highlord Verminaard and his Red Dragonarmy at the northern gate. They are never able to gain access to Thorbardin. But a small band called the Companions leading the Refugees of Pax Tharkas are allowed entry into the kingdom for a time. During that time, the Companions find the Hammer of Kharas that had been thought lost since the Dwarfgate War many years ago. After finding it, they give it to Glade Hornfel Kytil who becomes the first King of Thorbardin since the Dwarfgate War.

In 383 AC, the god Chaos returns to Krynn. During this, the allied clans of the Daergar, Klar, and Theiwar attack the Hylar Tree of Life. When the Dark Dwarves were assaulting the Tree of Life, Chaos releases the Daemon Warrior Zarak Thuul from the Abyss to attack Thorbardin with his Fire DragonPrimus. After killing many thousands of dwarves, and destroying every city including the Tree of Life, Zarak Thuul and Primus are finally banished back to the Abyss when Baker Whitegranite, the acting King of Thorbardin, uses the Platinum EggTarn Bellowgranite, the son of Baker, steps up to lead the Hylar and the dwarves of Thorbardin and to try and rebuilt what has been destroyed.

Age of Mortals[]

In the year 412 AC, Thorbardin again seals its gates when Beryllinthranox tries to take over ThorbardinSeverus Stonehand and his followers didn't think this was right and leave Thorbardin to try and reclaim lost Thoradin.

In the summer of 421 AC, a Kagonesti Elf by the name of Kerianseray travels to Thorbardin to establish an alliance between Qualinesti and Thorbardin. Tarn gets his people to agree to dig tunnels under Qualinost to allow for the commoners to escape to Thorbardin. The dwarves also agree to supplies troops to attack Beryl. When Beryl comes to attack Qualinost, elves, dwarves, and humans spring a trap on her and kill her, but not before she has killed almost all her killers, including the dwarves in the tunnels. This spells the beginning of the end of Tarn's leadership.

In 423 ACJungor Stonesinger leads a revolt against Tarn and drives him and 300 of his family and followers from Thorbardin after much bloodshed. Then, Jungor claims the title of King of Thorbardin. A dark age has again set upon Thorbardin.

Interior Cities[]

Exterior Cities[]

Buildings of Thorbardin[]


Guilds of Thorbardin[]

  • Ironmongers Guild

Mines of Thorbardin[]


Interior Roads and Streets[]

  • First Road
  • Second Road
  • Third Road
  • Fourth Road
  • Fifth Road
  • Sixth Road
  • Seventh Road
  • Eighth Road
  • Ninth Road
  • Tenth Road
  • Eleventh Road
  • Twelfth Road
  • Thirteenth Road
  • Fourteenth Road
  • Fifteenth Road
  • Sixteenth Road
  • Seventeenth Road

Exterior Roads and Streets[]


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