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Thunderbolt (? - ?) is a male blue dragon that was frozen in time by a White Robe whom he had just inflicted a mortal wound upon. It is unknown how long the dragon was held immobile but aware, before Tasslehoff Burrfoot wandered into Thunderbolt's lair outside the small city of Pigeon Falls a few years after the War of the Lance.

An unknown male White Robe wizard cast the time spell on Thunderbolt as the wizard lay dying after his companions died by the blue's lightning breath and claws. The wizard's staff glowed with a white light that seemed to sustain the enchantment until Tasslehoff touched it out of curiosity. After Tasslehofff touched the staff (which was very like the Staff of Magius that Raistlin Majere carried, and Tas was not allowed to touch under threat of polymorph.), the cave went black and Thunderbolt was freed.

However, Thunderbolt had no memory of who he was or what had happened, being afflicted by temporary amnesia. Tas made up a kender tale to convince the dragon not to eat him. Tas told Thurnderbolt that the dragon's name was George, and that they were a pair of thieves - very good ones with lots of treasure. Tas tried to leave to get Thunderbolt something for his aching head, and after a bit of convincing the dragon let him go. After Tas did not come back, Thunderbolt tried his hand at thievery by trying to steal something from a house in Pigeon Falls. Needless to say, this was a disaster and the city went up in arms.

A catapult was launched by a soldier who passed out from dragonfear and landed on the firing mechanism. The boulder hit Thunderbolt in the head, causing him to remember everything. Deciding not to eat Tas for his deceit (Tas did free him after all), Thunderbolt gave him a jeweled necklace he had managed to steal and left the city to go back to his lair and forget this all happened.


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