The city of Titan's Hall is situated between three huge peaks in the Khalkist Mountains, just northwards of the Reorxcrown Mountains. The city itself is spread out in a giant triangle, with thirty-foot high stone walls guarding the city. Fifty-foot high towers stand in pairs at each of the three points of the city, to watch for intruders. Entrance into Titan's Hall is only possible through one of the three gates at each of the points of the city. The city itself contains a vast amount of stone buildings, and at glance houses approximately eight thousand ogres. A smaller set of wood and stone dwellings lie just outside the walls of Titan's Hall, which serves to house the non-ogres of Titan's Hall. The only ogres allowed to dwell within Titan's Hall are the slaves, of which there are many throughout the city.

The city was always known as Giant's Hall, however it was in the Age of Mortals that titans decreed the city's name be altered to Titan's Hall, fabricating a story that this was the true original name of the settlement. During the Age of Mortals, Titan's Hall has become the center of slave trade for the nation of Blöde, and is also used to train slaves that are used in other parts of the nation.

Buildings of Titan's Hall


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