The Tomb of the Last Heroes was a tomb dedicated to those who fought in the Battle of the Abyss during the Chaos War, and built in Solace from 383 AC to 384 AC with a dedication ceremony that same year. Two famous burials are in this tomb. The bodies of Steel Brightblade and Tanis Half-Elven are both buried here, along with the pouches of Tasslehoff Burrfoot.


The tomb was not only built to honor those that fought in the Battle of the Abyss, but to show the unity between humansdwarveselves, and other free peoples of Ansalon. The tomb was built from materials from all across Ansalon. The white marbles walls came from the dwarves of Thorbardin. The white was to represent the purity of the cause against Chaos, and a symbol of the white moon Solinari. There are black obsidian plaques on the white marble that symbolizes the black moon Nuitari, along with the unity between the Dark Knights and the Knights of Solamnia. On those plaques are all the names of the knights who died during the Battle of the Abyss, a dozen names in all. Along the top of the tomb is a frieze carved by both dwarf and elf, which depicts the story of the Chaos War. It begins with the release of Chaos upon Krynn, and ends when Usha Majere and Tas imprisoned him once again. Also, just above the door, a hoopak was carved by kender in honor of Tas.

In the tomb are two biers were constructed. One was made of obsidian, that was designed and constructed by the Dark Knights, and it gleamed with gold. Above the bier is an urn that holds a single black lily, and along the sides of the bier are carved the name of Steel Brightblade, along with all his honors he received. The other bier is constructed of white marble, and at the request of Laurana, only the full name of Tanis was carved into the top of it. Having only wanted to live a simple life, that is all it was felt Tanis would have wanted. The only other thing added to the inside of the tomb was the inclusion of Tas's pouches by Caramon Majere.


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