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The Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth is one of the five original Towers of High Sorcery constructed on Ansalon. Wayreth is set up with walls that are an equilateral triangle, with a tower at each of the corners each dedicated to one moon, and the Wayreth Forest surrounds the tower. The actual Tower of Wayreth is actually a cluster of towers that seem to flow out of the ground. Each tower was made of black glass that is etched in white and red runes. There is no weapon on Krynn that can mar or destroy these walls or towers.

There is a set of silver and gold gates located in the middle of the eastern walls that appear fragile but are in reality extremely strong. After entering through the gate, you enter an empty courtyard made of plain, gray flagstone. Beyond the courtyard are the four towers; a fore tower, back tower, and two larger towers, 250 feet tall, in the middle. It appeared as if the towers were about to fall, but this is just a magical illusion. The towers are actually two of the strongest structures on all of Krynn.

At some point the tower became under the protection by the Copper DragonShatraklangg (Clang). Clang left during the Great Storm of 421 AC.

Age of Dreams

Following the Second Dragon War, magic began to organize under the care of the three moons SolinariLunitari, and Nuitari in 2645 PC. Three wizards named CorenthasEriane, and Shaud established the Orders of High Sorcery, and decided that the first tower that was to be built would be built on a swath of unsettle land called the Glade of Blue Shadows in the Wayreth Forest.

They thought the land was uninhabited, but quickly found out that tribes of goblins, hobgoblins, and barbarians who would later found the nation of Kharolis. Wayreth was attacked seven times over the course of the next five years, and in one raid, Eriane was killed. After these five years, Corenthas decreed that the Tower of Wayreth would be built. After two more years of study, and three goblin raids, the wizards joined with Corenthas in raising the ghostly image of the Tower of Wayreth from the earth in 2638 PC. This completely drained Corenthas, and he remained unconscious for six months. During this time, the ghostly image started to harden into the tower.

The attention of Wolf-fang of the Ut-kiri was brought to this tower, and he saw an easy target. When the wizards found they were about to be attacked, Kharro the Red and other mages raised illusionary spells to protect the tower. The weapons of the Ut-kiri turned into snakes, killing many of the barbarians, including Wolf-fang himself. Wolf-fang’s son took up the fight, but the Tower could no longer be found. The spell had been completed and the Tower now enchanted. The barbarians left, which allowed for the wizards to try and find Shaud. They found his body on a ridge overlooking hundreds of dead barbarians. This forever martyred him among his people.

By 2618 PC, the Wayreth Tower had become thee place to go and study magic on Ansalon. Any who practiced magic, and were not a part of the Conclave were hunted down and killed. Corenthas also stepped down and allowed for Kharro to take his place as Highmage. Kharro saw to the growth of magic and to Wayreth, attracting even more new wizards until expansion was needed.

Following the death of Kharro, a Black Robe named Gadrella of Tarsis became the next Highmage. She saw to the completion of the other towers over the course of the next sixty years. After the completion of those more visible towers, only the most powerful and influential wizards would go to Wayreth.

Holy Empire of Istar

When Kingpriest Beldinas Pilofiro came to power, mages all over Ansalon were worried. These worries were realized in 19 PC when the Lost Battles took place between the Knights of the Divine Hammer and their allies, versus the mages and their Towers of High Sorcery. Mages were allowed to vacate their towers that were located in IstarDaltigothPalanthas, and Losarcum. This pact came a little too late, as both the towers in Daltigoth and Losarcum were destroyed by the wizards rather than allowing the invaders to take them over. Istar and Palanthas were able to vacate the towers, and removed what magic they could to Wayreth.

With the decline of magic all over the continent, more and more wizards retreated to Wayreth. The Tower saw its greatest influx of people, and now no longer was just considered a place for the strongest of mages. This would continue for years to come.

Age of Despair

Wizards during this time did not research magic as they once did. Instead, they would try to hold on to the magic of old. When a White Robe by the name of Astathan of Qualinost came to power, he saw that magic was dying out. He had academies built all over Ansalon, some failed, some flourished. By the time of his death though, Wayreth was bustling with new apprentices that were coming to take the Test, and mages that had come to study and learn new spells.

In 347 AC, then Highmage Par-Salian would have to create a “sword” for the coming evil he saw. A young apprentice visited Wayreth by the name of Raistlin Majere, who had come to take his own Test. He was able to pass, and would become one of the most powerful mages in the history of High Sorcery.

Wayreth would again, come under attack in 350 AC. This time though, a former Red Robe named Lyim Rhistadt was attacking the Tower. He had in his possession the Gauntlet of Ventyr, which absorbed the magic mages use leaving them defenseless. Wayreth’s walls were used for the first time for battle, and dwarves along with Ergothian Cavaliers came to the defense of Wayreth and the mages there. Through their combined efforts, they were able to defeat Lyim and his allies, including Nabassu.

Wayreth saw more growth following the War of the Lance. The Tower in Palanthas was training wizards again, much to the Conclave’s joy. Wayreth would continue to grow in importance, as more and more wizards filled the ranks. This though ended with the Chaos War, and magic ceased to exist all over Krynn.

Age of Mortals

Following the Chaos War, many wizards left Wayreth to strike out on their own in the world. Palin Majere took the mantel of Highmage after the current one, Dalamar the Dark, disappeared along with his tower. Many wizards started calling Wayreth the “Last Tower”, since it seemed that there wasn’t any more in the world. The few wizards wanted to find magic that was promised to them, stayed in Wayreth to study and learn. This was also a safe haven, since many wizards were now being persecuted for not having their powers.

Two important figures appeared at Wayreth during this time. One was the Master of the Tower, and the other was the Shadow Sorcerer who ended up being a disguise of Takhisis’. In 411 AC, Palin held the Last Conclave and dissolved the Orders of High Sorcery. The Master of the Tower was left in charge of Wayreth. For the next ten years, sorcery was taught and learned. No one returned to Wayreth other than Palin and the Shadow Sorcerer.

The Tower of Wayreth would sit idle until 422 AC, when it was found by two wandering sorcerers by the names of Kalrakin and Luthar. They would wreck havoc upon the tower, until three mages returned. DalamarJenna, and a new White Robe named Coryn Brinefolk arrived at the tower, and put forth a call to all the other wizards on Ansalon to return. Through their combined efforts, Luthar was driven from the tower and Kalrakin was killed. Jenna was chosen as the new leader, to lead Wayreth and the rest of the Conclave into the future.

Sections of Wayreth

  • Crypt (Wayreth)
  • Fore Tower of Wayreth
  • Hall of Mages
  • Library of Wayreth
  • Nether Path
  • North Tower of Wayreth
  • Rear Tower of Wayreth
  • South Tower of Wayreth
  • Testing Levels
  • Wayreth Forest

Kender Tales

Some sources say there are five towers at Wayreth, but the other three towers along the wall may have confused the person.


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