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Trandamere (? - ? AC) was a Bishop of Hith, chosen by Hiteh to further his plans in Taladas. He rose to the top of the Church, and since he showed favor from Hiteh himself, the cult spread quickly throughout Thenol.

Rise to Power[]

Trandamere spread his followers throughout the courts of the lords of Thenol, slowly gaining the trust of some and the snide remarks of others. They were unaware of his gaining influence in their courts and lands.

Dragon's Night[]

On Dragon's Night, Trandamere had his priests go out to cemeteries, graveyards, and secret places where they had stockpiled the dead and worked their necromantic powers. Coffins broke and grave earth was pushed aside as an army of Undead Warriors rose to the priest's call. With this army, he targeted and eliminated key lords. Over night, Trandamere became the ruler of Thenol.

Trandamere ruled for at least 40 years after, the years 312 AC - 352 AC, and transformed Thenol into a great power to be reckoned with in Southern Hosk. As to what day he ruled to and then died, it has yet to have been known.


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