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Treyen Silverwake (? - ? AC) is a Dargonesti Elf who was the son of the great Nakaro Silverwake. Following the death of Nakaro, Treyen became the next Speaker of the Moon. When he was younger his hair was golden but his responsibilities turned his hair white at an early age. His cheekbones rode high and his nose sloped down the middle of his face. Also, one of his eyebrows always curls upward. Treyen's eyes are dark. His youngest son is Berrion Silverwake.

War of the Lance[]

When the War of the Lance began on the surface of Ansalon in 348 AC, Sagarassi saw her chance to attack the Dargonesti and Watermere again. Again she gathered all the evil underwater races together in alliance to attack the hated sea elves. Treyen decided to ally with the dolphins, octopi, Tritons, whales, and Hippocampi. The greatest alliance accomplishment was to bring in the Dragon Turtles, with them the sea elves were able to defeat Sagarassi in 350 AC even though she was again able to escape. Following the war, the alliances that Treyen formed fell apart.

Post War of the Lance[]

Following the war with Sagarassi, the elves of Watermere had depleted their numbers, only being around 4,000. Treyen took it upon himself to encourage all Dargonesti to have many children. He also sent spies among the Humans to see what they were up to on the surface, and if this would affect the Dargonesti.

Post War of Souls[]

While Treyen did not approve of many things concerning Apoletta: his father's choice to make her Steward of Istar, her choice of a husband, her involvement with the Heroes of the Lance, and Spell-fables, he admitted to her that he had a vision of the future where one day she will be the Speaker of the Moon. He later endorsed her joint expedition with the Dimernesti Elves to explore the World Gash.

Later that year his youngest son, Berrion, married the granddaughter of the Speaker of the Sea, Mercy Windspeaker. This was a marriage he supported but mostly because he felt the future of his people was no longer in his hands.


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