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Troglodytes are vicious little lizardfolk who stand around 5 feet tall. They are thin and have black beady eyes, as well as powerful arms, legs and a tail. Troglodytes are not overly intelligent, however they are naturally cunning and extremely ferocious in battle. They love battle and relish in every opportunity they have to partake in it.

Troglodytes live in large communities and much like the minotaur race, brawn rules all. Troglodytes are known to be in large tribes dotted across the Ansalonian continent. They live in any cavernous region and hide themselves away with their treasure, waylaying passersby.

Troglodytes have allied themselves with the ogre and goblin races in the past, however they prefer to stick to their own kind. They are believed to have originally descended from the bakali, and are often considered an offshoot from their larger lizardfolk cousins. As a race, they are mainly comprised of warriors, although their leaders may sometimes be clerics of the darker gods.


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