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On the fringes of Sable's Swamp in the far southern section of Blöde resides the Trueheart Mines. Located southwest of the town of Sardonyx and about ten miles from the border of Silvanesti, the Trueheart Mines are rich with ore and silver deposits. In years gone by, ogres and their slaves worked the mines, however with the coming of the dragon Onysablet during the Age of Mortals, the mines were taken over by the dragon and her minions.

One primary shaft runs deep into the earth and a pulley system is in place to remove rock and rubble from the mineshaft. A lesser mine entrance lies at the foot of a small hill, and serves as a secondary site to mine ore. With the death of Onysablet it is unknown whether the ogres have regained control of the Trueheart Mines, or whether it still lies in the control of minions of Onysablet.


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