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Turim Villacosta (? - ? AC) was a male Accantus Mariner. He was known as tall and dark skinned. Turim also had large eyes and pointed ears like a Half-Elf. He was born a Child of the Sea from a Sirine mother and an Ergothian sailor. As an adult he had numerous scars and half of his body was burned from a battle with a Sea Dragon.

Early Life[]

Turim's mother was killed when he was a baby and was then raised by a wet nurse in a pirate cove of Saifhum. He never found acceptance with the Humans and because of his ill treatment he became an accantus.

Life as a Sailor[]

Turim became a sailor and he fought and killed until he became the captain of the ship Sea Hag. At some point Turim battled a sea dragon and his body became burned.