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Template:Infobox Nation Adlatum The Tuval Isles is a collection of isles that have banded together since the Drowning. The isles are ruled by the highest ranking member of the ruling family. The government is controlled by a king or a queen who wields ultimate authority. The islands are spread throughout the northern Sargassi Sea. The islands are located on the tops of an underwater mountain chain and are very hilly.

Life and Society

The life on the isles is one that is fostered by community and spirit. Since the days of the Drowning the survivors on these isles have found that they had to put aside racial prejudices and work together for the survival of all. Minotaurs can be found here working side by side with men and dwarves.

Racial equality exists on the isles like no where else in Adlatum. In 237 AD the Tuvalian High King Josin Brinesea issued his Edict of All, stating that the laws of the realm encompassed all races. In the decades following this edict all laws in the realm were changed to reflect this ideology. The military of the isles consisted of a navy and a small land army. The army answered directly to the highest ranking ruling family member while the navy serves the Grand Admiral. The navy consists of three fleets that each contained 100 warships. All citizens are required to serve in either the navy or army.

The legal system of the isles is based on the edicts of the High King or Queen. The laws are enforced by judges and through the use of local watches. Prisoners can be tried by public officials if there is risk of further violence erupting before a judge can arrive. All political positions in the isles are appointed by the High King or Queen.

The office of the High King or Queen rules the isles, and the person is the oldest hereditary member of the ruling family. The person rules the nation with executive, judicial, and legislative powers. The authoritarian rulership of the isle is considered necessary to keep the islands survival still its primary goal.


There was no formal religion recognized in the isles, but most mariners pay their respects to Peliona (Zeboim) and Anphlasaad (Habbakuk). Prior to voyages sailors will often sacrifice something of self importance to the gods in hopes of a good voyage. Small shrines to Peliona and Anphlasaad exist in all of the port cities.

The minotaurs who have remained on the isles since the Drowning still revere Nairsaif (Kiri-Jolith) as their main benefactor. In a vision prior to the Drowning a small detachment of minotaurs were told to remain in Isenaloch to be safe. The minotaurs believe that this vision came from Nairsaif as it was a white warrior who instructed them to unite to save all.


The government of the isles is a monarchy based on hereditary rule. The High King or Queen oversees all legal and economic aspects of the isles. Each isle is ruled by a lord appointed by the High King or Queen. The ruler of the isles holds a traveling court during the summer to visit all the lords. During this time, the High King or Queen may pardon, judge, or oversee various projects that are happening on the isles.


The military of the isles consists of the Grand Fleet and the King’s Army. The Grand Fleet is considered the pride and joy of the isles as it consists of 300 warships of various sizes and styles. The fleet’s primary duty is to ward off pirates and pursue them.

The King’s Army is a 10,000 member group that serves the king and helps keep control of the ports. All citizens within the nation are considered to be part of the King’s Army during times of crisis and can be conscripted into it at anytime. The army also contains a small cavalry division that stems from the isles past.

Magic and Mysticism

Magic in the isles is practiced under the jurisdiction of the Council of Mages. This elite group governs all magic users and is a secretive organization. The average citizen of the isles has seen magic used before but it is an uncommon sight. Mages are treated with respect and often considered to be sages.

Mysticism on the island is wide spread and accepted everywhere. Mystics travel the isles offering their services to unlucky travelers caught in unfortunate events. The mystics have a center of healing which they have named the Great Center located in Paranor.

Major Geographical Features and Locations

The High King’s Fortress: This is the residential home of the current ruler of Tuval. Its massive structure is said to be able to withstand the strongest winds of the sea and mightiest of war machines. The castle is a multi walled fortress that contains several small keeps connected by gates.

Sontaro’s Rock: This rock is the location of the signing of the peace treaty between all races living on the islands. It is located on the island of Donner and is a symbol of equality throughout the islands.

Copper Mines of Tilven: These mines are the source of copper for the island. They are situated on the island of Tilven and contain an inexhaustible supply of copper.

The Great Center of Paranor: This is the home of the islands mystics and contains much of the islands information in the form of scrolls and books. Pilgrims often journey to the Great Center in search to answers to life questions.

Regional History

The Tuval Isles were created by the Drowning in which the land sank below the water leaving only portions of it above the land. Prior to the Drowning this area was known as grassland with rolling hills, dominated by nomadic plainsmen and minotaurs. The minotaurs believing that the plainsmen were no real threat established the outpost of Isenaloch to oversee the area.

During the War of the Prophet Isenaloch became a prison for captured humans, dwarves, and other war criminals. This prison would be kept a secret from outsiders and even few plainsmen would know of its existence until after the Drowning. At its height 10000 prisoners were living below Isenaloch.

Following the Drowning the people of the isles found themselves thrust into a new world. Realizing early that without work from all races everyone would perish without immediate compromise the plainsmen sought out the minotaurs. After lengthy discussions in which the Prison of Isenaloch was discovered it was decreed that all races would work together for the survival.

At Sontaro’s Rock the various races came together an elected a human fighter named Tildon Ronor as their first leader. Ronor immediately began constructing a fleet of ships with the aid of the minotaurs. With limited resources the first ships were barely larger then life rafts. The courageous crews of these small vessels scoured the distance discovering several smaller islands and one larger one.

On the large island called Silan, the survivors discovered the remains of a lush forest and began to resettle the lands. Gathering together as many of the survivors as possible the people of the isles worked to reclaim the lands changed by the Drowning. In 292 PD all islands in the region were resettled by loyal Tuvalians.

The Tuval Isles in 409 AD discovered that their lands were rich in spices that were highly sought after. Daring merchants began to travel to the isles in hopes of bringing a shipload of them back to their homes. With this recent interest the economy of Tuval has boomed.

Since the Drowning the Tuvalians have had a precarious relationship with the minotaur races as they view those living on the isles as abominations. Even though no formal war has ever been declared a long fought naval war has existed between the nations since the Drowning.

Current Events

  • Minotaur raiders have been recently harassing shipping lanes near Donner’s Point.
  • Rumors of a forgotten city being found underground near Isenaloch.
  • The dead have risen near Seabreeze and are harassing local residents.

Major Settlements

The cities are controlled by appointed lords of the High King or Queen. These lords oversee the carrying out of their laws and enforcing the peace.

Paranor (Small City 41,000): The largest city and the home of the High King’s Fortress. Due to its proximity to favorable trade winds, this city has become very wealthy. It is home to the major trading house of Tochin. Sitting in the harbor is a lighthouse guiding ships into its wide harbor and docks. The Current High King is Gideon Tannora (LG male Etlarnic human noble 7/fighter 12).

Isenaloch (Large Town 19,400): This town was built on the remnants of the minotaur fortress that existed in the area prior to the Drowning. This city’s population mainly consists of minotaurs who carry out the traditions of their ancestors but honor their pact with the rest of the islands. This town is built on the island of Donnor on the ridges of Tuval. The current leader is Raul Devinoli (LN male Mahjoran minotaur mystic of Water 3/fighter 4).

Donner’s Point (Large Town 15,200): The town of Donner’s Point is a bustling port town. With its location on the shipping lanes it sees dozens of ships making port every day. The city is a bustling and growing town with many new buildings. The current leader of Donner’s Point is Ilan Silversword (LN male Etlarnic human noble 2/fighter 8).

Seabreeze (Small Town 5,200): This town is located on the island of Seabreeze and is a sleepy town. Located outside of the main shipping routes this town instead provides the islands with numerous crops. This community resembles more of a farming community then a bustling port town, unless it is harvest season. The current leader of Seabreeze is Arn Douglas (LG male Onarian human noble 3/mariner 8).

Tilven (Small Town 5,100): The town is located near the Tilven Mines and provides the mines with access to the sea. The small port town is a strongly fortified town with a standing garrison. The town is often compared to a military camp by its citizens, but this maybe do to its lord. The current leader of Wander is Mercinder Ironfoot (N male Mahjoran minotaur noble 3/fighter 7).


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