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Ulin Majere (Born: 385 AC) was born the son of the great Palin Majere and Usha Majere, and the grandson of the great Caramon Majere and Tika Majere. He has one sister, a Knight of the Rose named Linsha Majere. He was married early in his life to Karynn Majere, and together they had twin children, a son and a daughter, but all died early in their lives. Ulin remarried to Lucy Torkay in 421 AC in the city of Flotsam.

Ulin Majere is tall with golden eyes, shoulder-length chestnut brown hair, and well-cut lips. Ulin considers himself homely, rail-thin, gangly, and has Caramon's big bones but no meat to cover them. He hates any Draconian and considers all Gnomes nuisances.

Ulin has a small magical silver earring that can be used to communicate with both Palin and Jenna, who both have similar earrings, and with three other people. He is a very competent fighter with both a broadsword and a scimitar.

Early in Life[]

Ulin joined with his father in founding of the Academy of Sorcery in 412 AC, and became the Assistant Master at the Academy. He quickly showed his talent as both a sorcerer and an alchemist, and he had the same drive to learn magic as Raistlin. He went out searching for magical artifacts whenever he heard a little information on the possibility of one in the area, leaving his wife and twin children at home.

Heroes of the Heart[]

Ulin joined with the Heroes of the Heart in 414 AC. He journeyed with them to Dragon Mountain where he met a Dragon by the name of Sunrise. Sunrise and Ulin join together as a team and Ulin became the first known dragon mage of the Age of Mortals. Together they fought at the Window of the Stars to stop Malystryx from becoming a god.

Destruction of the Academy[]

When he came back from one artifact hunt in 419 AC, he found that his wife had fallen ill with plague. He was able to hold her and and try to comfort her as she died in front of him. Just when he thought the worst was over, both of his twin children fell ill with the plague and died shortly after.

While his grief was still fresh, Beryl's forces attacked the Academy in 420 AC. Lucy and Ulin stayed to defend it with Ulin's new compound he called Thunder Powder. On a small level, this compound is used to destroy tree stumps, but Ulin planned on using it on a massive level to destroy the Academy so Beryl's forces couldn't take the magical artifacts that were in it. As the Academy was overrun, Ulin detonated his thunder powder, destroying the entire Academy and the area around it. After seeing the massive destruction, he destroyed his notes and vowed never to use it again. However, it is rumored that he passed his info on to a gnome named Brillissander Firesplasher.

After Ulin's young wife and two children died of plague and he destroyed the Academy of Sorcery to stop Beryl's forces, Lucy was the only one who held him back from the despair that was about to overtake him. They declared their love for each other and shortly thereafter Ulin asked Lucy to marry him.

War of Souls[]

Just before the War of Souls broke out over Ansalon, and the return of the gods, Ulin followed his fiancé Lucy to Flotsam to identify her father's body. He saw that Lucy made a name for herself in the city by pretending to be a great sorceress and fighter. Ulin was branded "Friend of Sorceress" by the people of the city.

Ulin heard rumors that Lucy's father Kethril Torkay was still alive in a nearby pirate cove. He assisted Notwen in getting his ship to the pirate area where they found him on the Golden Carp and tricked Kethril into coming back with them to meet his daughter. On their way back, Ulin and Kethril were captured by Ghagglers and were about to be sacrificed to a sea-lion, but Kethril's other daughter, a Siren, brought Sea Elves to kill the ghagglers.

Ulin brought Kethril back to Flotsam, and together they explained a plan to play the greatest game of Dragon's Bluff against Fyremantle by stealing his horde and then threatening to tell Malys about the rest of the gold. They were able to save the day, while Ulin was very proud of Lucy the whole time. Just before they met with Fyremantle, Ulin and Lucy were married.

Following the defeat of Fyremantle, Ulin and Lucy returned to Solace to live out their days.


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