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Ulladu was once one of the grandest cities along the Seascapes Hundred in the Empire of Ergoth. The city of Ulladu fell not to an invading nation, but to the Emperor of Ergoth himself. The great emperor Pakin Zan spent a lifetime searching for a type of magical artifact known as a Nullstone. Discovering that High Priest Gomian of Ulladu possessed one, he demanded the stone for himself. Knowing that the nullstone should not fall into the wrong hands, priest Gomian hid the artifact deep within the city.

Infuriated by the priest's refusal, the emperor besieged the city with sixty hordes in 2528 PC. Finally breaking through the city's defenses, the emperor had the city razed to the ground. Those who survived were forced to sift through the ashes of the city in search of the nullstone artifact. Once the object was located, the surviving citizens were rounded up and burned alive.

For hundreds of years the ruins of Ulladu lay undisturbed. All that remained of the once-great city were low-lying ruins sprawled out along a grassy coastal cliff. Most Ergothians seemed to avoid the area because it was a site that gave an unwanted reminder to the empire's violent past. In the present day, the ruins of Ulladu lie beneath the waters of the Sancrist Crossing. The city is now nothing more than an almost forgotten legend in Ergothian history.


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