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Ulthar (? AC – 419 AC) was a minotaur ex-pirate serving time in the mines of Vyrox during the time that Faros Es-Kalin was there. He was tall and covered in tattoos, regarded as a barbarian for them. The tips of his horns were cut off. He was from the outer colony of Zaar, which had little contact with the outside world and had adapted a good deal of native customs, such as tattooing. He had a habit of remembering all the prisoners who came to the camp. He was a kind minotaur who befriended Faros, and was the only person Faros trusted at the camp.

Early Life[]

Ulthar grew up on Zaar, where his family traded pottery and tropical fruits, which they traded for metals on a nearby colony. His first 14 years were spent going between the colonies on ship, learning of the places and gaining tattoos. As their business grew, the family branched out, and on a trip to another colony a storm hit the ship and killed everyone, including his family. He floated for two days and the colony he was rescued by became embroiled in war. Ulthar joined a ship, but the crew eventually lost sight of their goal after the years went by and they turned to piracy. He was a pirate for 6 years, becoming a mate of the ship. Eventually three imperial ships caught up and ended their business, sending him to prison for 4 years. Afterwards, he spent two years with brigands on the mainland, and then returned to the sea. He was captured shortly afterwards and sent to Vyrox. He had been sent to the smelting pits, and he was deathly afraid of them, vowing never to return.


At Vyrox, Ulthar would befriend Faros when he came there. Faros told him he was in fact Bek, and never revealed his true identity to Ulthar. Ulthar told Faros much of his past there, and when the time came that the ex-Patriarch of the de-Droka Clan arranged for a rebellion, Ulthar and Faros quickly signed on. Ulthar was a key figure in the rebellion and took down a good number of Imperials; just when it looked like they’d won, however, Empire reinforcements came and crushed the rebellion. During the last stages of the battle, the cruel guard Paug dueled with Ulthar and killed him. Faros avenged him by slaying Paug. Shortly afterwards, Faros was knocked unconscious and sent to the ogres as a slave.


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