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The Urkhan Sea was an underground sea that was located inside the dwarven nation of Thorbardin and was under the Cloudseeker Mountain. Just before the founding of the realm of Thorbardin, a Dwarf named Urkhan found a tunnel that lead to the lake. Unfortunately, he was killed by one of the giant worms who lived in the caverns, and the lake, along with many things that he discovered, was named in his memory. It was created from water running down a giant stalactite (Hybardin) from an aboveground frozen lake. The sea was 7 miles across from north to south, 5 miles in width, and was surrounded by dozens of square miles of open caverns. The sea would eventually connect six dwarven cities via a chain ferry. Many animal life can be found in this huge body of water, including the Urkhan Eel.

Places and Things[]

Kender Tale[]

Some histories state that dwarves created this sea, but this is a naturally made body of water.