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Utharne (? PC – 426 AC) was a male Dimernesti elf cleric of Abbuku (Habbakuk). He had broad shoulders and was larger than other Dimernesti. Utharne's skin was light blue and long white hair that he kept in a ponytail. He also had almond shaped eyes and thin ears. Utharne wore a shell necklace that had a blue flame on it.

Utharne had a wife and two children: a daughter and a son. He outlived all of them.

Fallen Shores[]

Through the actions of one of the Dragon Overlords, Utharne's children were killed and his wife grievously injured. Utharne himself had to put his wife out of her misery. After this he moved to Dimernost and became known as Utharne of the Fallen Shores. He also lost his faith for a time until Abbuku sent him the seal Brine-Whisker. Ultharne befriended the seal and used him as a Touchstone, a living holy symbol.

World Gash[]

In 426 AC, the Dargonesti Elf Apoletta organized the first conclave of aquatic races in Dimernost to discuss the threat of the World Gash. Utharne was chosen by the Speaker of the Sea Nuqala Windspeaker to represent her at this conference. Unfortunately after the city was attacked by Undead, Nuqala asked for Apoletta and Utharne to lead a joint Sea Elf expedition to the World Gash to prove how serious the threat is and to set the building points for unity between elf species.

On the journey, the group went to the Hygant and discovered that the World Gash was forcing sea life to migrate by the Hygant Forest. After identifying the threat to the kelp forest, that the civilized Brathnoc needed, Utharne offered for some of them to plant their kelp in Dimernost.

The group traveled to talk to the Matriarch on how to stop the World Gash. The Matriarch knew that there was another question that he wanted to ask. Utharne was still troubled by death of his family and why the Gods allowed Takhisis to steal the world. Later in their journey in the city of Blood Shoal, he witnessed how Zeboim was taking such an active role in the Mahkwahb's life. Utharne was unnerved by this. The goddess even approached the cleric and asked him to attend her.

Utharne ultimately refused. He joined his comrades in a temporary alliance with the Mahkwahb against the Fire Dragon Blazewight who was the cause of the World Gash. In the battle, Utharne, Brine-Whisker, and Ornathius stood against Blazewight's Legion Coral. Utharne was wounded and he sent Ornathius away so he could finish of the creature. He then sacrificed himself to the coral and a blue phoenix flowed around them killing the coral.


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