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Vandar Brightblade (? AC - Summer, 351 AC) was a Monk of Majere, and a former Knight of the Rose. He was born the son of Emelin Brightblade, and the younger brother of Angriff Brightblade. He had short brown hair, a traditional mustache, and brown eyes.

Early Life[]

As Vandar grew up, he decided that he would become a Knight of Solamnia like his father. He would learn how to us a long sword, two-handed sword, Dagger, Lance, long bow, Spear, crossbow, and quarter staff in his trainings. He didn't stop there, learning many languages including Elven (Dargonesti and Qualinesti), Common, the Goblin Language, the Ogre Language, the Troll Language, and Solamnic.

The Rebellion[]

When The Rebellion broke out in 335 AC, Vandar followed his brother into battle. He was at the Siege of Castle Brightblade, and watched as his brother surrendered to the rebels, allowing Vandar and the other Knights to flee from the castle. After this battle, Vandar swore off being a Knight of Solamnia, and dedicated his life to follow the teachings of Majere wearing the Medallion of Majere.

Monk of Majere[]

For almost the next twenty years, Vandar served faithfully at his monastery. Then in the summer of 351 AC, his monastery was visited by Riva Silvercrown. The monastery would be attacked by the forces under Lord Soth. All of the monks were killed except Vandar and Riva, who had managed to escape the Undead.

Following the battle, Vandar gave Riva the footman's Dragonlance he had hidden in the tool shed. Together they traveled to Castle Silvercrown and met up with Fizban. While there, a Red Dragon and the armies under Dragon Highlord Kitiara and her Blue Dragon Skie attacked the castle. Vandar wanted to take up arms, but couldn't due to the rules of the Clerical Order of Majere.

Fizban explained to Vandar that those were rules created by men, not the Gods. Vandar saw the wisdom in this, but chose the medallion. With it he was able to form knightly armor around himself to fight Kitiara. As he was about to defeat her, Skie fried the medallion into his chest, mortally wounding him. Kitiara and her forces retreated, thinking they had stolen the lance. Fizban though had hidden the real lance. Vandar though died of his wounds following the battle, and for this Riva's heart was broken.

Kender Tales[]

In Issue #3 – 'Nightwatch' of the DC Comics, Angriff was killed by a stray arrow while arguing with his brother Vandar, causing Vandar to become a monk in his grief, but this didn't happen.


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