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The golden rule: Vanderjack gets all the gold.

Vanderjack (? - ? AC) was a mercenary who was only out to better himself and no one else. Time and again he would switch sides to make a quick steel piece and hope for a cushier job with more pay. Vanderjack was known to be tall, slender, dark skinned, boisterous, and acted like an old drunk. He always saw himself though as being an accomplished, well-respected leader who could negotiate or deal with any situation. He also thought anyone would understand him if only he would speak louder and slower while giving them enough steel pieces. He was also well regarded for his skill with the sword and for that he claimed to have bought from his mother on her deathbed a sword named Lifecleaver.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, Vanderjack came under the pay of the Blue Dragonarmy as a sergeant. He served loyally for a time with the Blue Wing before thinking that he could make more money with the Solamnics. So he deserted to the Solamnic ranks, bringing his information about the Dragonarmies with him and was paid well for this information. He was stationed at Vingaard Keep but the Knights there did not trust him to give him a high ranking position and the money to go with it. So again, he deserted and ran off to Southern Ergoth.

The reason Vanderjack deserted was that he heard a rumor of a great treasure that was guarded by a dragon prior to the Cataclysm at the Tomb of Huma. His ship landed him on the eastern edge of the island where he was captured by ogres. Eventually he escaped from the ogres and made his way into the Last Gaard Mountains where after an exhaustive search with no luck, he has to give up once his food ran out.

Not knowing any better, he headed south towards Harkun Bay where he was captured by Silvanesti Elves after putting up a good fight against them. The Silvanesti offered to hire him instead of executing him on the spot, which he quickly agreed to. He was known to have formed a band, but they abandoned him before they made it to Foghaven Vale. They attempted to race him there, but it was unknown what became of Vanderjack.


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