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Venerable Ro (? - ?) was a bronze dragon of the second generation of metallic dragon eggs. He mated to another bronze dragon named Amylyrix, and together they had three eggs. Of those three, the only known child was a son named Duranix. It is unknown what became of Ro, but he wasn't with his mate when she and two of their eggs were killed by Sthenn around the year 4795 PC. Duranix was allowed to live though.

Age of Might[]

Ro was found in 730 PC, during the Age of Might, to be slumbering beneath and around a mountain, being an enormous dragon of inexact size. He was awakened by the copper dragon Cirrus and the red dragon Raider as they dueled around his mountain. He told one of them that they would become his successor, based on who wins the duel, which he permits so long as they do not damage the mountain. After Cirrus outwitted Raider, Ro fulfills his promise to her, by making her one with the mountain, permanently making her one with the mountain by turning her to gold. Raider was allowed to live, Ro telling him that by allowing the stupid one to live he weakens the entire line of red dragons. Ro is presumably still at his mountain.


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