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Vinas Solamnus (1833 PC - ? PC) was born the only son of an Ergothian noble named Adrenas Solamnus and an unknown mother. He married his childhood friend and battle companion Luccia Solamnus in the spring of 1791 PC, and together they had at least one child they named Elias Solamnus. He was known to have had at least one cousin named Duncan di Caela, who founded that great house.

He had green eyes and brown hair and beard. It was known that when he was young and his pride had been damaged, he would do anything to soothe it. His family's crest was a white Kingfisher on a field of blue. After he created the Knighthood, he was given one suit of full plate mail, which would later be called Plate of Solamnus, along with the others just like it.

Early Life[]

Vinas grew up with his childhood friend Luccia. From a very young age Vinas wanted to join up with the Ergothian military, but his father, who was a very influential Lord, would not hear anything of this. So in the year 1817 PC, Vinas and Luccia ran away from home to join up with the military. The army would not allow him to join unless the two of them could climb a sheer pole to the top. Together, they were able to climb to the top, but as they were coming down, the shirt they were using ripped and Vinas was able to allow Luccia a soft landing, but he himself got impaled in the process.

When Vinas awakened, his father was with him and told him that if he really wanted to be in the military that he would have to become an officer rather than a common soldier. Vinas attained the rank of colonel after two years of training in 1815 PC. Vinas first test was during the Solanthian Troubles, and he failed in the eyes of the Empire by stealing food from the Empire and giving it to the poor peasants. He also killed Colonel Lucias Scipio in the process, and this was the worst of his crimes.

For this he was sentenced to death, but his father pulled his last strings to get him to become an initiate with the priests of Paladine instead of the beheading he was due. For the next two years he worked as an Underchancellor and made a friend in Titus. On 3 Chislemont, 1812 PC, Vinas and his father were both able to save Emperor Emann Quisling from assassins that tried to take his life. The poison meant for Emann, instead poisoned and killed Adrenas. Vinas, though, was promoted to Praetor of the Imperial Armies as a reward for saving the Emperor.

Commander of the Imperial Guard[]

For the next eleven years, Vinas became the most renowned soldier in the Empire's armies. During this time he foiled twelve different assassination attempts against the Emperor. Again troubles in the east started brewing again in the lands of Vingaard. Vinas was given command of all the armies, and he sent three armies against Vinas including the II Redroth and III Caergoth, each comprising of 6,000 soldiers.

Along the way, Vinas's armies have at least one battle at a place called Crossing along the Vingaard River. There he was able to kill 2,000 rebels, but lost 64 of 83 baggage wagons. Vinas then stripped the lands of food and anything else they would need. One other battle of note that took place was the Battle of the Chasm, where Vinas's armies were tricked by magic into fighting each other. Upon arriving in the land of Vingaard, Vinas agreed to meet with the self proclaimed King Antonias Leprus after a long siege. During this siege Vinas finally admitted his love to Luccia and they became lovers.

During his meeting he learned of the wrongs of the Empire from Leprus and then watched as Leprus's servant Iohas slit Leprus's throat. Vinas agreed to spare Leprus's soldiers even though he was ordered to kill them by the Emperor. So Vinas staged a mass killing of the soldiers, but instead allowed them to escape from Vingaard Keep. The people living in Vingaard call these the Vingaard Sympathies. During this time he thought on Leprus's words, and finally came to a decision. Everything about the Empire was wrong, and he needed to do something against it. So Vinas declared that he would pick up the rebellion and most of his commanders agreed to join up with him in this.

Rose Rebellion[]

This began what has been termed the Rose Rebellion. When Vinas began his march on Daltigoth, all the soldiers he released came back to join up with his growing army. Vinas laid siege upon first Solanthus, which was termed the War of Ice Tears. The siege lasted about three years until the year 1796 PC and all during this time Vinas continued to feed the soldiers of the fort so they wouldn't die of starvation. When General Erghas finally challenged Vinas to a one on one duel, this was what Vinas's soldiers thought they could finally bring this siege to an end. During this, Erghas defeated Vinas through trickery, but this was unknown to Erghas. When he found out, he swore to join with Vinas on his march to Daltigoth.

By 1791 PC, Vinas had completely surrounded Daltigoth in what his army was being called the Swordsheath Army. This army was comprised of Kender, Dwarves, Qualinesti Elves, Vingaardians, and Ergothians. During the siege, Vinas was captured by Phrygia and her undead zombies that controlled the city. He was sentenced to death, but in a daring venture, Vinas was saved by his friend and captured the city.


The Emperor allowed Vinas to have his nation of Solamnia, and anyone who wanted to go with him could go. Vinas set about establishing his lands, and when things were running smoothly, he went on a Quest for Honor in 1775 PC. In legend, he ended up at the Whitestone Glade and received a vision from Paladine, Kiri-Jolith, and Habbakuk. With this vision he created the Knights of Solamnia to bring honor and goodness to the lands. He then created the branches of the Knights of the Rose, Knights of the Crown, and Knights of the Sword. Vinas became the first Rose Knight and the first Grand Master over the Knighthood. He also then created the Oath and the Measure, which comprised of thirty-seven volumes, to help better govern the Knighthood.

In 1773 PC, Vinas sent his Knights of Solamnia against the lawless Bright Horizon. He brought law to the city, and renamed the city to Palanthas in honor of Paladine. Then in 1772 PC, he created the fortress the High Clerist's Tower in a strategic pass that led into Palanthas. He then commissioned the rebuilding of Palanthas by dwarven engineers and one night the Great Library of the Ages appeared with Astinus heading up the library.

By the year 1771 PC, Palanthas was completely rebuilt from the ruin it was except for the tower. The Knights and Vinas hated the idea of Black Robed Wizards living in their city, and so demanded that the orders banish them from the Tower of Palanthas. The wizards refused to do so, and the Knights decided to attack the tower. After three attempts for to penetrate the Shoikan Grove, the Knight pulled back. Namara, the Keeper of the Tower, came before Vinas and said that the Black Robes would stay confined to the Tower if the White Robes and Red Robes would be able to travel freely across Solamnia. Vinas agreed to this deal, seeing the wisdom to accept it.

Over the year, Vinas was personally responsible for many things that took place in Solamnia. He also personally designed most of the secret areas Vingaard Keep. It is unknown how he died or what year this took place, but Vinas has gone down as one of the greatest men on all of Ansalon.

Kender Tales[]

It was said that Vinas commanded Ergoth's armies in 2692 PC, but this was almost 1000 years before he was even born.

One source stated that he had Vingaard Keep built, but it already existed before he rose to power.