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Vincil da Jevra (82 PC20 PC) was a male Human Ergothian. He was a Red Robe Wizard that served as the Master of the Tower of Daltigoth and later as Highmage. Vincil was dark skinned and had grey eyes. He would shave his head except for a white ponytail in the back. Vincil also had a shovel-shaped beard. While Highmage his study was in the North Tower of Wayreth.

Early Years[]

Vincil was born Vincillo Phalmas. He was the youngest of three sons of an Ergothian merchant. He decided to pursue High Sorcery as a way to make a life for himself and attended the Magic college in Jevra. There he created several new cantrip spells that became essential teachings of apprentices.

The Test[]

In 61 PC, at the age of twenty-one, Vincillo was allowed to take the Test of High Sorcery. At that time he was the youngest person to take the test. The night before he was going to take his trials a message arrived from his father asking him to come home. His brothers died at sea and Vincillo was now his only heir. Vincillo immediately set the messenger home alone knowing he would be disowned. He then took the name Vincil da Jevra. His teacher Jorelia gave Vincil his test and he easily passed without any permanent injury. The administrators deemed the sacrifice of his family was enough. Vincil became a Red Robe and went to the Tower of High Sorcery at Daltigoth.

Tower of Daltigoth[]

For the next twenty years, Vincil created over two hundred new spells and many magical Artifacts. In41 PC, when he was forty-one he became the Master of the Tower of Daltigoth and was the youngest in history to achieve the role. During this time Vincil took on Leciane do Cirica as an apprentice and eventually his lover. The Conclave did not allow romantic relationships between a student and a teacher so they kept their relationship a secret for years. When it became time for Leciane to take her test he sent her to the Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum to not show favoritism. During her test she was made barren. Leciane was devastated and cut off her relationship with Vincil to dive completely into the art.


Vincil served as master of the tower in Daltigoth for ten years and then was asked to join the Conclave as the Head of the Red Robes. In 26 PC, he was voted to become the two hundredth and thirty-second Highmage by unanimous decision.

In 21 PC, Vincil decided to place his former lover as Master of the Tower of Istar and envoy to the Kingpriest's court after Marwort died. Shortly after Andras Rannoch attacked the Kingpriest, but he was later captured by the Kingpriest's men. Vincil decided to magically take Andras so the Conclave could punish him. Andras later escaped. This caused much friction between the Wizards of High Sorcery and Istar.

Vincil and the Kingpriest decided to meet and talk about peace in Istar at the Eusymmeas Fountain. What should have been a peaceful meeting ended in a battle when a magical duplicate in the form of the Cleric Suvin controlled by the Andras stabbed the Kingpriest Beldinas Pilofiro. As Vincil began a teleportation spell so his fellows and he could escape, the Knight of the Divine Hammer Marto managed to stab Vincil in the back. Vincil managed to complete the spell but died shortly after. After his death the Lost Battles began. Jorelia led the magical ceremony to dispose of his body back at Wayreth.


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