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Male Human (Midlander)
Alignment: LN

Vorn Preevan (Vorn Pree'-vahn) (9/4/368 AD – 10/8/393 AD) was an adventurer from Unadesum who desired to be accepted into the Midland Guard. He never made it into the elite guard. He ran into an old friend from a few years back, Kistaynlas Wenzalis. However at the time she was also in the presence of another one of her friends, a supporter of the Elder Dragons, Aynal Teralshall. Their arguments fell into conflict. Kistaynlas tried to stop the conflict, and Vorn accidentally stabbed her. He stopped fighting in order to help her, and Aynal struck him down. After healing, Kistaynlas reported his death to his closest friend and cousin Broebin Warworks.