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Watermere is the Dargonesti Elf nation located under the Northern Courrain Ocean of Krynn. It is located southwest of Southern Hosk, northeast of Ansalon, and west of Ithin’carthia. Sometimes the nation is used in name to refer to the capital city of Takaluras. Watermere is located in a broad, sandy undersea valley. The Speaker of the Moon leads the nation, and the many Dargonesti clans are led by their own Speaker of the Blood. The nation is defended by an honorable warrior society called the Order of the Dolphin. The Dargonesti also call their kingdom Quoonoqua.

There are a few holidays associated with the Dargonesti and Watermere. Those days include the Day of Beginnings, Day of Triumph, Day of Mourning, Day of Redemption, Highmoon Festival, and Drudarch Takalurion’s Birthday.

Age of Dreams[]

In 1863 PC, a group of Dimernesti Elves named the Purifiers tried to change the Dimernesti society to not reflect as much upon the Silvanesti Elves. They failed, so the elves left Dimernost to find a place to live for their new nation. They were led by a strong warrior named Drudarch Takalurion in a fight against the koalinths that already lived in the surrounding area of Watermere. The Dargonesti won the battle against the koalinths in 1862 PC, and Drudarch became the first Speaker of the Moon.

Over the next several centuries, Watermere went through a peaceful period, and their nation developed greatly. Eventually the peace had to end when humans living near the Dargonesti on islands killed four dolphins in 1530 PC. Over the course of the next nine years the Dargonesti attacked the humans relentlessly, but only at military targets and not civilian. So humans proposed a truce in 1521 PC so that from that point forward humans rented the islands paying the Dargonesti. The islands became known as the Fellowship of Coral.

The first true challenge of the relatively young nation came in 1320 PC, when Sagarassi allied together the koalinths, lacedons, sea dragons, and amphidragons and invaded Watermere. The nation was almost crushed, but Drudarch was able to ally together the mermen and humans to fight this menace. After 120 years of battles, Sagarassi and her allies were defeated. A month after the battles ended, Drudarch passed away and his daughter Imbrias Takalurion took over the throne.

Imbrias had a relatively peaceful time while on the throne for the next 1,200 years. The only incident that happened, happened early in hear Speakership. In 1063 PC, a group of forty hot headed youths decided to go against the rules and laws of Watermere. Imbrias exiled them from Watermere, and they formed the new elven society of the Mahkwahb.

Age of Despair[]

Watermere was spared much of the destruction of Krynn when the Cataclysm hit. Unfortunately, the current Speaker at that time, a Dohwarqh Kwahbrahb, told his people not to involve themselves with the rest of the world. This enraged the gods Habbakuk and Kiri-Jolith so much, they sent a giant dolphin to eat Dohwarqh. So for the next decade, Watermere was without a ruler. Disease was rampant among the Dargonesti, until Nakaro Silverwake returned from finding Tideripper. For finding this ancient Dargonesti artifact, Habbakuk and Kiri-Jolith healed the Dargonesti people.

When the War of the Lance decended upon Ansalon, Sagarassi decided to invade Watermere again. This war only lasted from 348 AC until 350 AC, after which current Speaker Treyen Silverwake defeated her.

Age of Mortals[]

Watermere took the loss of the gods very seriously after the Chaos War. After this Cataclysm, they did not embrace isolation as they had in the past. Ambassadors were sent out to the close aquatic races and relations with nearby Tritons and Merfolk increased. With the loss of the three moons, the oceans’ currents greatly changed. This coupled with the loss of magic caused communication and travel between Watermere and the distant cities of Darthalla and Dargonest to be very dangerous. Darthalla decided to elect its own Speaker of the Moon. During this time another Dargonesti city, Istar, lead by the Steward of Istar Apoletta researched how to regain magic. They failed but invented new way of remembering their history called Spell-fables.

After the gods returned in 421 AC, communication with the distance Dargonesti cities were made easier, but Darthalla and Dargonest refused to once again follow Watermere’s Speaker of the Moon.

The fracturing political problems of the nation only increased when the god Solinari made the Istar spell-fables actually bring forth magic. This caused aggravated problems with the wizards in Watermere that were a member of the Purists group. They believed the non-tradition method of magic to be a tragedy. The Purists were also driving a wedge among the Dargonesti because they believed there are actually two different races of Dargonesti. Also, another group, the Land Shorn, while loyal to Watermere, was also increasing the political fracturing problems. They are Dargonesti that have decided to live as dolphins all the time.

In 426 AC, there was a power shift for the Dargonesti people’s center of power from Watermere’s Takaluras to the city of Istar due to the heroics and diplomatic actions of the Steward of Istar Apoletta.



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Kender Tale[]

It was once stated that the human migration and conflicts started in 1538 PC.