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Waylorn Wyvernsbane (? PC - ? AC) was a human born thousands of years prior to the Third Dragon War, the exact date being unknown. He was born in the region between Silvanesti and the lands populated by the Khur. He was known to have been rugged and handsome with long light brown hair, blue eyes, and a thin scar over one cheek. He had a low and measured voice that was tinged with a little sadness that seems a world-weary hero out of place and time. He sometimes rages against both chromatic dragons and draconians. He was known to have worn armor stylized after the Knights of Solamnia of old. During the Age of Might, he created an artifact, which he named Diviner of Life.

Early Life[]

As a child. Waylorn dedicated his life to Chislev. During the Third Dragon War, Waylorn witnessed first-hand the destruction of forest life by the Dark Queen's minions. He wished that he could have the courage and spirit to fight her minions like the Knights of Solamnia were doing. A great inspiration to Waylorn came following the end of the war. Word reached him of Huma Dragonbane and his heroic battle against the Dark Queen. That encouraged him to become a druid so he could better protect the forests.

It is not known if during or shortly after the Third Dragon War he established a brief relationship with an elf maiden called Sylvyana.

The Ghoul Queen[]

In the years following the Third Dragon War, Waylorn learned that his former lover Sylvyana had turned to the Dark Queen as an ally. Waylorn, along with some other Heroes, which included Dereg Reynhold, fought bravely against Sylvyana and her wyvern and wichtlin minions defeating them. He earned his nickname Wyvernsbane, during the war. Sylvyana though, escaped into the River of Time and vanished. Waylorn knew that this wasn't the end of Sylvyana, so he ordered that he be put into a magical slumber in Shalost, and to be awakened if there was need of his assistance. He was buried in a crystal coffin with his Solamnic armor and the Diviner of Life. A tower was built by the elves which was named Waylorn's Tower over his resting place.

War of the Lance[]

Waylorn was awakened sometime during the War of the Lance. When he awoke he was confused and somewhat disoriented and a tad shocked with how long he has been asleep for. He went on a search to see if he had prevented Silvyana's evil if the Cataclysm could have been prevented. He wandered the land though in search of a dragon to kill.

Age of Mortals[]

Waylorn finally found his opportunity to kill a dragon. He wandered into the lands formerly known as Kendermore and confronted Malystryx there. She in turn fried him with her fiery breath, and as he died he thought how much he missed his tower. He felt a tug of his spirit and the next thing he knew was he was a spirit that haunted Waylorn Tower with Cyan Bloodbane in residence.


One source put his date of birth as thousands of years prior to the Third Dragon War, but he was born around the time of the Third Dragon War as he was a contemporary of Huma’s.