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The Wayreth Forest, or Forest of Wayreth, is a magical forest that surrounds the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth. The forest was originally located south of Mithranhana Forest, but now it moves around. The first Wizards arrived in the forest in 2645 PC, but Kharro the Red didn't enchant the forest until 2638 PC. Following the enchanting of the forest, Kharro destroyed his spellbook that housed the spell. The spell has to be renewed every month by the Highmage or the Master of the Tower. They are the only two who know the spell since it is protected by a very powerful geas.

Unless a person is a wizard, they cannot find the forest unless the Conclave allow them too. The Forest has been seen in the north at Darken Wood, south at the Plains of Dergoth, west to the Algoni Strait, and just beyond the Forsaken Mountains in the east. When a person is on the outskirts of the forest, it appears as if all the trees are dead. These trees though are similar to Treants called simply Wayreth Trees. A noxious mist obscures the forest, and no light enters the forest. Red-eyed creatures, that are actually an illusion, flit between the trees.

Once the person enters the forest, the trees turn into the tree the person is most familiar with, vallenwoods, maple, pine, walnut, and aspen trees. They are also in full bloom, and either full sun or moonlight will light the path for whoever has been invited. After entering, the person cannot leave, but the trees will form a path to the Tower. Those that harm the forest though, may bring on the wrath of the trees there. The forest ends less than a hundred yards from the Tower of Wayreth.


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