Wersten Kern (? - Frostkolt, 1 PC) was a former Knight of Solamnia who died in a fire at Dargaard Keep during the Cataclysm and became an undead Skeletal Warrior. He was the second to join up under Loren Soth in Fierswelt of 4 PC and became one of Lord Soth's most loyal and trusted knights.

He was a young warrior who thought he had the honor and privilege of riding with Lord Soth to assist in stopping the Kingpriest of Istar from causing the Cataclysm. On their way, he watched as Lord Soth fell to the verbal poison that Takhisis's Silvanesti Elf minions spoke into his lord's ear. Lord Soth returned to Dargaard Keep in a rage and with his return, the Cataclysm struck Krynn. Wersten Kern, Caradoc, and Colm Farold, who had followed Lord Soth, were killed in the fire of the Cataclysm.

As a skeletal warrior, he followed the death knight Lord Soth on the attack on Palanthas during the Blue Lady's War.


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