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Western Hundred was located in the western part of the Empire of Ergoth. It was located west of the Eastern Hundred and south of the Northern Hundred and Mountain Hundred. The land was a great plains land that was a patchwork of frontier towns, vineyards, and vast herds of cattle. The forested land of Ropunt is located in it along with a valley that is filled with some of the oldest oaks of the forest named the Oaken Bowl. It was led by the Marshal of the Western Hundred. The province had two capitals by 1 PC.

Around the year 2519 PC, lizard-like creatures called the Bakali had a stronghold in the Western Hundred, but they were purged out of this province by Pakin Zan.



  • Emperor's Road

Mystic and Holy Sites[]

  • Monolith


  • Dermount River
  • Emperor's Bay
  • North Dales
  • Ropunt Forest
  • Vaken Boul


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