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Whisper Shadowfriend (? - ? AC) was a kender originally from Hylo. In 373 AC, Wanderlust took control of her and she began traveling from port to port in northern Ansalon, never paying for her passage and never being caught as a stowaway. Of all the ports that she went to, Palanthas was her favorite and decided to stay there with some of her human companions she grew attached to.

Whisper was known to have been 3'9" tall and weighed 95 pounds. He favored weapon was a Short Sword and she normally wore Leather Armor.

Chaos War[]

Whisper attached herself to Basalt Fireforge during the Chaos War. She wished that she could do something to help her friend out because Basalt sunk into a bleak mood of hopelessness. They continued to help others, but the lifestyle was slowly eating away at Whisper's friend.


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