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The Whitescale Society Assassins was a subgroup in the Whitescale Society. The Assassins were organized by three tieflings: Cang Balaurus, Jow Balaurus, and Shen Balaurs. They made their base of operations in the city of Daltigoth. The leaders were referred to as Masters (or Mistress) of their orders. All members would wear rune-inscribed scale necklaces.

The Assassin Compound was where new recruits were trained. The assassins were divided into three orders. Each order was specialized. Members of each order were trained together separate from the other two in their wings of the compound, but each member was assigned to a triad. A triad was a group of three assassins composing of one of each order. The members of a triad would also train together and usually only triads would work in the field.

In 422 AC, a group of adventurers defeated the three masters of the assassins.