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Wilhelm (? AC - ? AC) was a male Human who was the ruler of the city of Vantal and the king of Blödehelm. For the early part of his rule, he was a much beloved king, however in 348 AC, he came under the control of dark clerics working for the Dragonarmies. Acting as a puppet for Ariakas, Wilhelm started to impose heavy taxes on his people, making them start to revolt against him.

Wilhelm increased the size of his army and started to recruit outsiders, which were in truth, Dragonarmy troops. The situation came to a head at the town of Hope's End, where one of the new allies for Wilhelm, discovered that the people of Hope's End were being unfairly treated and instead turned against Wilhelm's forces. This turncoat was Ivor of Langtree, a one-time friend of Wilhelm's, who defeated the disguised Dragonarmy forces and then led his army to Vantal, where they laid siege to the city. Ivor's forces once again prevailed and they found Wilhelm in his own dungeon, where they learnt he was being kept prisoner by the dark clerics who had overwhelmed the ruler.

Wilhelm was reinstated back in his rightful place on the throne of Blödehelm.