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William Sweetwater ( 314 AC - ? AC) was born of a loving mother and father in the port city of Port Balifor. While he was still a young man though, his mother died of some unknown reason and in 332 AC, his father was lost at sea leaving him alone in the city with no other known siblings and never having married. For all his traits and being the owner of the Pig and Whistle, he was a well-respected person in Balifor and the people of the city would look after him.

William was known to have been 5'3" tall and weighed in at one hundred and eighty pounds, black haired, dark weathered skin, stout, pig-faced, ears stick out to each side, snout-nosed, and beneath all his flab he was very strong. A local legend has it that when he was a baby, a pig overturned his cradle and frightened poor William into looking like a pig. Despite all this he was known to have a kind heart, had a jovial spirit, always laughed at a joke, even at pig jokes, a stalwart friend, honorable, kept his word, willing to help those in need, and respected people who also kept their word. He won't tolerate being directly insulted as Peg-Leg Al once called him "Piggy", but he learned his lesson from that and won't ever do it again.

Early Life[]

Before settling down to run the Pig and Whistle, William became an extremely successful merchant sailor. Later, he would buy the inn more out of for his own enjoyment and for his friends than to make a fortune with it. His childhood friend Sintk the Dwarf could be seen at the inn regularly with William, talking away and having a great time.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, Balifor was invaded by the dragonarmies. William did not like these troops nor did he try and cater to them like the other inns and taverns. Instead he tripled his price for any soldier in the dragonarmy and watered down the ale for them, but he kept a small keg under the counter for his friends and loyal customers. This led to him not having much business during the day, which was just fine with William.

At night he would bring in entertainers for his customers to try and lift their spirits. This led to a half-elf named Tanis Half-Elven and his friends that were traveling with him to ask for room and board, promising to bring in large groups of people for William to pay their way. They would form the group Red Wizard and His Wonderful Illusions, and stay for a while boosting sales at the inn and bringing smiles to the patrons faces. They would end up leaving after some time much to William's sadness.

After the Red Wizard left in 352 AC, William saw another of his friends Thomas the Tailor be captured by the dragonarmy simply for wanting to escape the city and imprisoned. William did not think that this was right and wanted to free Tom immediately. Harum El-Halup and Sintk inform him that he will lead the rebellion against the castle where Tom is being held with the assistance from gnomes and others. William had always thought of himself as a coward, and had dreamed of doing brave things so this was his chance. Together, they all free Tom and the others and fought draconians on the way out of the castle and escaped into the night. William awoke at his inn, thinking it was a dream until he saw his mask there and realized what he had done. It is unknown what became of William following this adventure.