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Willum (? AC - 392 AC) was a male Human Knight of the Sword. He was the lieutenant to Lady Camilla Weoledge on Schallsea. In 392 AC, the Solamnic Knights arrived on the island to rebuild the Sentinel and protect the Mystics of Goldmoon as they build their Citadel of Light. One night at the construction site he climbed the Silver Stair.

Unknown to everyone the mystic Gair Graymist became corrupted by dark mysticism. Gair's undead forces attacked the village of Heartspring. On their race to the village Camilla orders Willum to investigate a woman along the trail. He and two other knights were attacked by undead and killed. Gair raised Willum's body as a zombie. Jasper Fireforge and Camilla later destroyed Willum's undead form.


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