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The World’s Spine Wall is an old wall that runs for many miles. The wall has a series of towers along it. Some Sages believed that the wall was built by the Irda, but most sages believe that it was built by the Istar to rebel invaders at some point in its history. The wall was also known as the Wall of Istar or simply the World’s Spine.

Pre Cataclysm[]

Prior to the Cataclysm, the World’s Spine ran along the border of Istar Province and Gather. It ran from the Northern Courrain Ocean to the city of Aldhaven.


When the Cataclysm occurred the Blood Sea of Istar formed and much of eastern Ansalon sank. The World’s Spine for the most part sank to the sea floor. A strech of the wall rises out of the water onto the far western side of the island of Saifhum. The undersea ends of the wall stretch north into the Northern Courrain and south into the Blood Sea through Magori Basin to the ruins of Beal.


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